This is a representation of Tokyo's Yamanote train line
rendered using Super Mario Bros. 3 sprites.
(I was going to post this a couple of years ago but never did.
I'm definitely far more familiar with its content now.)

Catching up in Tokyo

Sumida River | 隅田川
Tokyo's Sumida River | 東京の隅田川
Wow, I really fell off the wagon there. There was a fair amount of moving around and not having the time or energy to post. And then once you fall behind, it's tough to get back in the habit.

I actually spent some time in Okazaki and Nagoya during this time. I was able to meet some folks but there are still many that I was unable to get to (sorry!), so I'm looking forward to getting back again before too long. I'm back in Tokyo for the time being, though.

Random things:
  • I got randomly checked by the police the other day in front of the train station near my hotel here in Tokyo. As I was walking toward the turnstile, one officer stepped near me and subtly flashed his badge, asking if he could see some sort of identification papers. A second officer appeared on my other side, assuring me that it wouldn't take long. They were completely professional and kind about it. They examined my passport and complemented my Japanese too (they seemed genuinely impressed). I know that this sort of thing really angers some folks, but it was a perfectly fine experience, other than worrying that I might miss my train. (Train stations have been flashing messages about being on high alert recently, so I imagine it might have been due to that.)
  • Sumo is the perfect sport to have on in the background when you're working on something. It's mostly downtime with spurts of action. And it's, somehow, strangely soothing. Which likely sounds weird. (I saw a great match between Kisenosato and Hakuho the other day. It looks like Kisenosato is on fire.)
  • This week is "Sazae-san Week" on TV to celebrate 45 years of the series, including a live-action special this weekend. I clearly need to clear out my Sunday evening. I watched the Tuesday special, which was a look back on history of the series. (Sazae and Masuo briefly lived on their own! Namihei has a twin brother!)
Anywho, I'll try to be more regular with my posting.