Yokohama Beer Festival

I was invited to attend a beer festival in Yokohoma by a friend today. I've never been to a beer festival nor, more importantly, had I been to Yokohama before, so it was a good opportunity to knock out both at once.

The area around Sakuragichou Station:

A live performance of an English song (I forget which)

After a 10-minute walk, we arrived:

It was quite packed:

I don't generally drink beer and don't like paying inflated festival prices either, so I hadn't intended on getting a beer -- leave it to me to go to beer festival and not drink anything -- but my friend found an inexpensive alternative:

Ha! At 300 yen, I couldn't complain.
It tasted like normal beer to me.
 The road back:

In the evening, I attend a game night at a friend house. We mainly played small indie games and a couple of card games and had a blast. I also had a very surprising reunion with another Yamasa schoolmate who lives in Tokyo, which was awesome. Playing games while chatting is a good way to catch up, let me tell you.

Also, these are some of the best chips I've ever eaten. I swear, I could barely control myself.

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