Ueno Park & Aquarium

I decided to head to Ueno Station and see what I could dig up (not literally).

上野駅前 | In front of Ueno Station

I ended up walking through Ueno Park, which is full of trees, monuments, shrines and temples, and museums. I wasn't in a museum mood, so I just wandered about the park to my heart's content.

A monument dedicated to ... eyeglasses! Hear hear!

As I stood there reading this, I become consciously aware
that I was reading this and felt pretty proud of myself.
I remember Mikawa Ossan reading these things before
and me just not really knowing what was what.

Another one, regarding the arrival of the car,
that I was happy to be reading.

Somehow, I didn't get the same feeling with this one, though. :-p

A wild stray cat appeared!

Ancient Japanese. Couldn't read this one.

This duck was flapping its wings.
(Perhaps it was trying to do ballet?)

Welcome to 不忍池, Shinobazu Pond.
(There's a reading I'd never have guessed.)

After buying some tea from a nearby vending machine, I sat on a pond-side bench and did a bit of reading before heading out of the park and running into an area that I was surprised that I actually knew a bit from my previous trips.

I took this from a second floor of a McDonald's.

It was at this point that I realized that there were tentative plans with a couple of friends to visit an aquarium. Oops.

Wireless is generally hard to come by in Tokyo, but Starbucks offers free wireless. I rushed back to Ueno Station, looking for a Starbucks I could leech off of briefly on the way. Finding none, I entered the station and found a map that indicated that there was a Starbucks in the station right around the corner I was at. Lucky!

After chatting with my friends, I headed out to Ikebukuro to meet up and head toward an area called Sunshine City to visit the aquarium.

This fish was just chilling out.


Yes, I do mind, thank you very much!


This one reminds me of a Super Mario enemy.

So how about some Okonomiyaki! Another one to scratch off my list of things to do.

The brightest place I've seen yet.
Another excellent, if not a bit exhausting, day.


Mitchell said...

Wow, you are pretty busy! I am glad you have a chance to explore Japan more. I guess when you were first here you had a lot of study and deadlines to meet

ジョン said...

Indeed, and much less money. I'm definitely trying to get out more and explore.