To the Tokyo Sky Tree!

I ended up taking a long walk today. My first (unintentional) stop was by a roadside shrine.

Upon leaving and walking a bit, I saw the Sky Tree looming to the east. I hadn't realized it was quite so close and ended up walking toward it. No better time than the present, right?

Seen between a couple of buildings on the way.

A go place!

Eventually, I arrived!

There were a few performances going at the base of the Sky Tree,
which is located about five stories above street level.

The view from that deck.

A Sazae-san themed shop. Cool and all, but they had the
theme song playing, which made me feel that I couldn't work there.
I like the theme song a lot, but hearing it (perhaps) nonstop
for hours at a time would certainly be maddening.
On one of the floors, the Chiba Institute of Technology had a robotics exhibition set up. Some of the technology there was quite striking and I wished some of my friends from the U.S. could have been there. I ended up chatting on and off with a staff member who explained various things to me.

Version 1

Version 3, final

This is a huge interactive screen that displays the schematics
of various robots. It's controlled via an iPad. Very neat.
 Some more shots of the area around the Sky Tree:

I ended up not going to the top of the Sky Tree itself because there was a very long line and because I felt it'd be better if I went with someone. (There sure were a lot of couples out there...) That will be next time's tanoshimi.

I used the nearby Tokyo Skytree Station to head back to my neck of the woods. I was actually pretty jazzed to ride a non-JR train line and from a brand-spanking-new station at that. Obviously, the experience was largely the same, but it was nice trying a different flavor--the Tobu Line flavor. And it got to me right near my hotel too, so needn't have worried about the potential long hike back. Score.

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