Sushi and Chiba

Today, I met up with a blog friend at Tokyo Station for lunch. We weren't sure what or where to eat (I'm so useless at those times) so we explored the large building across the street (I forget its name) until we came across a nice-looking sushi restaurant.

In the evening, I ended up visiting BlueSkyInTX in Chiba. We attended a nice three-person party at a very Japanese establishment. What follows are some delicious photos of the meal shared there. Be warned.

Then BlueSky and I went out for okonomiyaki at an equally Japanese, but more laid-back, restaurant!

I ate a lot of good food this day. I like the feel of Japanese restaurants, though I think I still have a lot to learn about them and Japanese food.


Elddonnemar said...

I couldn't resist torturing myself by looking at the photos.[sob] It all looks super delicious.

The feel of the informal place is awesome!

bikenglish said...



ジョン said...

Elddonnemar> Yeah, I love restaurants with atmospheres like that. I think they can be tough to order from on my own, though.

Bikenglishさん> とてもいいセリフで気に入りました!食べ物はぜひ食べてもらいたいですね。