Shibuya (starring Book Off)

I realized that I hadn't been to Shibuya yet, so off I went walking in a fairly random direction. I didn't take any photos for the first part of the trip, but couldn't help doing so when I came across this:

It's ... it's a three-story Book Off!

For those not in the know, Book Off is a used book/game/media company and is one of favorite all-time stores. It's about the only store that I'll go out of my way to find -- everywhere -- which is what I ended up doing here. I think I found it on Google Maps while stumbling about. I didn't expect it to be three floors though! And one of said floors is dedicated to manga!

I stayed in the store (including the used clothing store below) for quite a while, looking at their books and old games. I ended up picking up two Game Boy Advanced games for my recently-acquired Nintendo DS: the second Ace Attorney (逆転裁判) game and a Momotaro RPG, which I got (for only 100 yen) largely out of nostalgia from playing Momotaro Dentetsu with Mikawa Ossan back in the day). I also got the first volumes of Sazae-san and Chibimaruko-chan. I had to exercise an extreme amount of nonstop self-control while walking through here.

Seen at Book Off. It's entitled When WIll Golgo 13 End?and attempts to craft an ending for it. Interesting.
(I bought one Golgo book too, now that I think about it.)
 Here are some random street scenes:

A not-very-great view of the famous scramble
intersection in front of Shibuya Station.

The view out the back of a moving train.

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