Meiji Jingu | 明治神宮

Today, I decided to visit Harajuku Station. I don't think I had any particular reason for this other than that I had some time, hadn't been there yet, and also kind of wanted to see if that Snoopy store I visited with my mother back in 2007 was still around.

Seen from the train. I love that Tokyo has all these rivers.

The famous scramble intersection at a calmer time.
What I didn't realize, though, was that Meiji Jingu (or, Meiji Shrine) was very nearby. (Interesting fact I just learned from Wikipedia: Jinguu is a name for a Shinto shrine connected to the Imperial House of Japan. Never knew!

Lovely, no?

For some reason, I didn't approach it.
After a lot of walking, the benches just called to me.

While I was there, I was fortunate enough to see a wedding procession cross the main plaza.

I ended up going home after this (and so never saw if the Snoopy store is still there or not).

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