Around Shinagawa Station

Breakfast! My friend took me to a nearby cafe for a late breakfast, which I'm sure he'd classify (not unfairly) as lunch.

I ended up stumbling upon a series of performances, from shamisen to juggling and from rock to chorus. It was some sort of neighborhood function and I ended sitting for a while listening, slightly participating in a magic show, and thinking about some Important Things.

Later, I ended up at Shinagawa Station to look for a place to sit and work for a while. I went to Starbucks, which offers wifi.

I was surprised to see grocery store inside the station.
 Around the station:

On the way home, I stopped at Yoshinoya and ate ロース豚丼, which I don't know how to translate but is something like "pork sirloin bowl," I guess. Whatever the case, it was delicious.

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Mitchell said...

Wow, recently your posts have been more photo intensive than before! And, some of them are making me hungry.