Delicious Bowl of Food at Funabashi

Eaten inside Funabashi Station. 船橋駅構内のお店で食べたものだ。

The view from the platform. ホームから見た船橋駅前。


Various Places and Things

Let's take a walk!

Unicycle accidents on the rise? んわけねぇだろ(笑)

Back to Akihabara:

I stopped by a kaiten sushi place. The experience here is very different from the sushiya experience back in Houston. This was the first time I'd ordered via screen before. Fortunately, it was nearly empty, so it was a bit easier to ask the questions I needed to learn the basics of Real Kaiten Sushi Ordering.

I walked down the street and found a used book/game store and LOOK AT ALL THE MANGA.

I'm a good boy, though, and only bought one book. I need to try a manga cafe soon, I think.



今晩、ホテルの部屋で『プレッシャーSTUDY 2013』という番組を見ていたんだけど、番組でばらばら漢字クイズというのがあって、それの一問に芸能人たちより正解できてかなり嬉しかった。



When I'm on the train, often pass this river. I saw that it has a nice walking path around it, so I rode to Asakusabashi and walked to it. I'm glad I did because it was a pretty nice view out there.

The river is the Sumidagawa. I stood out there enjoying the sights, sun, and air for about half an hour, probably (even though I hadn't eaten yet).

Definitely a part of Tokyo I like.


One photo of Akihabara

Just Akihabara at night.


Sushi and Chiba

Today, I met up with a blog friend at Tokyo Station for lunch. We weren't sure what or where to eat (I'm so useless at those times) so we explored the large building across the street (I forget its name) until we came across a nice-looking sushi restaurant.

In the evening, I ended up visiting BlueSkyInTX in Chiba. We attended a nice three-person party at a very Japanese establishment. What follows are some delicious photos of the meal shared there. Be warned.

Then BlueSky and I went out for okonomiyaki at an equally Japanese, but more laid-back, restaurant!

I ate a lot of good food this day. I like the feel of Japanese restaurants, though I think I still have a lot to learn about them and Japanese food.


To the Tokyo Sky Tree!

I ended up taking a long walk today. My first (unintentional) stop was by a roadside shrine.

Upon leaving and walking a bit, I saw the Sky Tree looming to the east. I hadn't realized it was quite so close and ended up walking toward it. No better time than the present, right?

Seen between a couple of buildings on the way.

A go place!

Eventually, I arrived!

There were a few performances going at the base of the Sky Tree,
which is located about five stories above street level.

The view from that deck.

A Sazae-san themed shop. Cool and all, but they had the
theme song playing, which made me feel that I couldn't work there.
I like the theme song a lot, but hearing it (perhaps) nonstop
for hours at a time would certainly be maddening.
On one of the floors, the Chiba Institute of Technology had a robotics exhibition set up. Some of the technology there was quite striking and I wished some of my friends from the U.S. could have been there. I ended up chatting on and off with a staff member who explained various things to me.

Version 1

Version 3, final

This is a huge interactive screen that displays the schematics
of various robots. It's controlled via an iPad. Very neat.
 Some more shots of the area around the Sky Tree:

I ended up not going to the top of the Sky Tree itself because there was a very long line and because I felt it'd be better if I went with someone. (There sure were a lot of couples out there...) That will be next time's tanoshimi.

I used the nearby Tokyo Skytree Station to head back to my neck of the woods. I was actually pretty jazzed to ride a non-JR train line and from a brand-spanking-new station at that. Obviously, the experience was largely the same, but it was nice trying a different flavor--the Tobu Line flavor. And it got to me right near my hotel too, so needn't have worried about the potential long hike back. Score.