Tokyo, Day 4: Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

Another morning in Tokyo!

First, breakfast:

I decided to visit Odaiba's waterfront today. To do this, first I needed to visit the Shinbashi area.

In Shinbashi, I boarded -- wait for it! -- the monorail! Unfortunately, I have no photos of the monorail, but I do have photos from it:

After getting off the monorail, I came across a lovely bay-side place to sit and admire the view, which I did for a while.

I was surprised to see a ferry arrive nearby, followed by a few people boarding it. Right before it departed, I asked the lady selling tickets if I could get one too and then hopped aboard and we set sail.

Upon disembarking and taking a photo of another ferry, an older gentleman that works there approached me and, in English, starting explaining the history of the ferry, which looked like this:

I don't recall the details offhand, but I have a little flyer about it.

I walked toward something called Tokyo Big Sight [sic], but going there was a complete waste of time: it's a hall and had nothing going on. Here are some photos regardless:

So, let's walk ... this way!

I really wanted to rent a bike, but it requires a cell phone, apparently. Tsk.

I stopped for some McDonald's food:

... and then continued:

Toyota has some sort of free exhibit that's supposed to be pretty cool, but it was closed. Dang -- that's part of the reason I came out here in the first place.

I'd end up visiting this cool-looking building a bit later:

I stumbled upon something interesting in/around Shiokaze Park:

It looks pretty cool up close. I do imagine that's about how a Gundam would look. I'm surprised there's no Eva (from Evangelion) anywhere yet.

I wandered around the mall that the Gundam is perched in front of and found a games room:

Horse racing

More wandering:

Real Daiso!

Remember that building I mentioned I'd end up visiting? It's time. It's actually the Fuji TV building and it has a pretty nice observation deck on the 25th floor.

I stayed about 15 minutes until the deck closed and wandered on.

This will end up on Flickr.

And then I saw something surprising:

What, a Sazae-san store? Ha, gotta check this out!

Aaaaand it's closed! Ha!

So on I went to Odaiba Kaihin Park on Tokyo Bay and ended up sitting near the water for 20 minutes or so and even pulled out my iPod and listened to my "evening drive" playlist. (No driving involved, but this was exactly the atmosphere I'd envisioned when I made it.)

I've wondered too far ...

If I end up living in Tokyo, this will be my replacement for Galveston, perhaps. It was much more lovely than it appears in the photos.

After this, I headed home through nighttime Shinbashi.

But not without grabbing a bite to eat first:

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