Day 3: Akihabara

I started this morning out with something I've been waiting to see again for a while:

The NHK go tournament! And there's now even a 30-minute program before it that teaches go techniques! Excellent. Very good, NHK.

But I was too hungry to watch for long, so I headed out for breakfast...

... and then to Akihabara:

I didn't get any in-store photos in the stores in Akihabara's Electrical Town, but the electronics stores there are absolutely fantastic.

There's an enormous amount of old equipment and parts available for sale. It was really a great experience walking through these cramped, partly-subterranean stores with ceilings so low that I have to duck slightly, and with the occasional sound of trains overhead, surrounded by Showa-era electronic devices.

I found that I really miss the aesthetics of some older devices from the '70s and '80s. The design, the knobs, the switches, the analog displays ... Looking at some older radios that were released around the time of my birth, I really felt a bit sentimental for the older technology of my youth.

A build-your-own-speakers shop really got me and made me feel that I would have been a lot more into electronics if I'd been raised around here.

Clearly, this place made an impression. Also, I saw more foreigners (many were tourists) around here than I think I'd seen anywhere else. Understandably.

At this juncture, I felt I needed some food, so I stopped by one of those purchase-a-ticket shops and ate a delicious tonkatsu-and-udon set.


I then walked around a bit more:

I'm glad I found this place again.
Its name basically means "fairly inexpensive." I just love that.

Then I realized that it was Sunday and that I need to get back immediately. Longtime readers might not be surprised to know why:

Back when I was in Japan before, on Sunday evenings on which I didn't have any plans, Chibi Maruko-chan and Sazae-san were my thing, man. And they're still basically the same as ever. It was a good end to the weekend.

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