Day 2: Shinjuku

Another day of going somewhere and then wandering in a somewhat random direction!

I wanted to revisit the Tokyo Government Building (東京都庁) again--another place I first visited with my mother in 2007--so headed to Shinjuku.

While working my way down the narrower streets to look at/for interesting stores, I came across a small kaiten sushi restaurant. It was clearly the Real Thing and I was curious so in I went, after some hesitation. Fortunately, someone entered right after I decided to go in, so I figured that I'd at least have a model of how things are supposed to go. And, indeed, that person was fairly useful, things are a bit different in sushi shops here. (For one thing, free all-you-can-drink, pour-it-yourself green tea!)

I also had a huge miso soup.

Next, the Government Building . . .

. . . for the citywide views (you can go up both sides to get a full 360-degree view):

 After leaving, I crossed the street to the park behind the building.

After that, I took my first subway this trip to the east part of Shinjuku Station and wandered about.

I found a Yoshinoya and helped myself to some gyudon, a classic Jon-in-Japan staple.

I was also delighted to stumble upon a Book Off, at which I bought a few books--two about Japanese and one light novel (part 4 in the series, which I've wanted for a while).

In the area, near the train station, I came across a live performance celebrating the 2020 Olympic decision. The first band played and sang a few '70s and '80s English songs--and pretty well, I might add. I enjoyed it and also stayed for part of the second group's Latin-styled performance.

Despite being pretty tired around dusk (my body is apparently not yet adjusted to Japan time), I decided to walk about until it got darker outside. This was a good move.

I picked up a single beer on the way home, which is uncharacteristic of me, but I thought I'd try it.

But not before stopping for some yakitori at a nearby outdoor stall, which I'd been wanting to do since seeing it the night I got into town:

I'd intended to take it easy today, but I ended up walking around for an even longer time and with a heavier backpack than yesterday too, so I'll stay in tomorrow morning, I think.

Tokyo definitely seems like a city I could live in. I like this place pretty well.


bikenglish said...

Thank for a good report about your revisit to Japan. Tokyo is a very interesting city, but, I think, it has too many things for people to live there.

I have now stayed in Shimane prefecture with my family. Today we are going to visit a famous shrine, Izumo Taisha.

Anonymous said...

This is really awesome! Thanks for taking the time to share~

Really glad to see you enjoy your time there so far as well. Tokyo is prettier than I expected.

ジョン said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope that you had a nice trip to Shimane.

ジョン said...

Thanks, I'm definitely enjoying it. And I'm glad you're enjoying the entries!