You In Japan (1957)

I came across this great 1957 U.S. Military film introducing American audiences to Japan via Japan Probe.

Whenever I see something like this, I can't help but wonder where many of the younger people in the video are today. Many of them here are certainly still alive and probably grandparents, if not great-grandparents, by now. I wonder how many of them ever got to see this video—and would like to see it given the chance.

"The way Japan will affect you depends on you." I think this is pointedly true. I think it's also true that Japan isn't for everybody. Some people really take to it; others just don't do very well there.

Paradise Pete—that's hilarious. And still relevant, even in our "modern" world.

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Mitchell said...

Interesting video, and unfortunately there are still more than a few 'Paradise Petes' running around out here. But, not as many as there used to be, thank God.

Ironically, the 'Paradise Petes' might actually be the ones who are being used rather than the other way.

Japanese aren't naive and the only women who go for those type will probably just be the Gaijin hunters are just or just those who are looking to say they went out with a Gaijin. 'Paradise Petes' are just a notch in someones belt and nothing more.