Adult Adoption in Japan

Freakonomics posted a very interesting article entitled "Why Adult Adoption is Key to the Success of Japanese Family Firms" on their site the other day. You can read the article or you can listen to "The Church of Sciontology," their first hour-long podcast, in which the subject was originally touched upon.

It would be an interesting turn of events were I to be adopted in such a manner. I'm not sure that it suits me, though.

Also, wow, this is my first English post in some time, isn't it?


Mitchell said...

Adult Adoption also happens a bit out here in the countryside. If, a farming family or another type of family that only has daughters and really wishes for their family name live on coercion is sometimes need to encourage would be husband to adopted the family name.

ジョン said...

Thanks for the extra info. That's pretty interesting. I know a foreigner that married a Japanese woman and took on her name, mainly for the sake of convenience of life in Japan.