KanayamaでJapanese Meetupの会

今晩はJapanese Meetupという会のメンバーと、すごく久しぶりに夕食をとった。場所は、自分が行ったことのないKaneyamaという和食レストラン。参加した人が多いため、皆が2組に分かれて、僕は南米の国の男性とベトナムの女性と小さなテーブルで食べながら楽しい日本語の会話をした。(他の人も僕らのテーブルに来て会話してくれたりしたけど。)いい経験だったので、もっと近いうちにまた参加しようかな。(Kaneyamaにもまた行きたい。)


Mitchell said...

Have you tried the only Japanese owned and operated restaurants in town?

Masas Sushi & Robata Bar in The Woodlands


Kubo's Sushi Bar and Grill

Mitchell said...


ジョン said...

Hey, been a while. No, I haven't tried either of those. I think that Teppay is Japanese-owned as well, though.


Mitchell said...

Yes, it has been a while, hasn't it.

Teppay, didn't know about that one, before! But, I have done a little searching on the net and found that it got most great reviews. I have learned it is Japanese owned and run, Japanese business often visit it, it is expensive, the food is great, but some feel the service in slow. Looks like I am going to have to put it one my list of places to visit the next time I return to Houston.

ジョン said...

Yeah, it's definitely a bit expensive, but try it out. Maybe we'll be able to stop by and grab a bite sometime.