Yamasa 2011 Summer Business Japanese Internship

Yamasa's got an absolutely sweet-sounding summer program lined up for next year:

Outline: This 6 week long short summer option combines 4 weeks of intensive classes followed by an internship in a Japanese speaking workplace. The classes are those provided by Format 1 of the Japanese for Business and Professional Purposes program. The internship is with a Japanese company or organization in Okazaki, or a nearby city such as Toyota or Nagoya. In addition to the workplace experience, for 2 days of the internship, you have the opportunity to shadow a CEO. On one day the CEO is Japanese, on the other day with a Japanese-speaking foreigner managing a business in Japan. [via Yamasa's web site]
Man, I'd love to be able to do this. Sounds like it'd be a very good experience and I can't help but wonder how well I'd do.


HELEN said...

you wanna participate it in 2011?

Jonathan said...

I totally would if I could. But alas...