T-Minus A Few Hours

Here I am, around 11 p.m. the night before my departure. I've basically got everything packed and just need to shower and hit the hay for the night. I'm leaving for the airport at 4 a.m., so tomorrow will be a very loooong day.

I don't know how actively I might or might not be posting while I'm there, but since this blog will once perform the original function for which it was intended, I've changed the title of the blog back to "Jonathan's Japan Journal" for a while. I'll also be posting mainly in English (!), in part due to the blog performing its original role (i.e., keeping my friends up to date on my life in Japan).

Interestingly, I'm feeling similar to how I felt when I first left for Japan. I mean, this is still only the second time that I've left the U.S. so, yeah, I'm a bit anxious and such. But it looks like things will go smoothly. Here's hoping.


Helen said...

it is Apr 9 around 17:19pm time in JP...so where are you now? i have no idea of how long does it take for flying from US to JP

hope everything is fun and interesting

Jonathan said...

Heading toward the airport in a few minutes. The flight is about 14 hours, not including a six-hour layover (!). It'll be a while. See ya!

Misa said...

Hope you have a great trip in Japan! Looking forward to reading your posts.

I'm sure you will feel much comfortable and find it easier getting around in Japan for the second time. ;)

blueskyintx said...