Japan 2010: Days 3 and 4

It's a bit before 5 a.m. on Monday here in Okazaki. I was pretty tired yesterday evening, so I just conked out around 9 p.m.

So, most of Day 3 was spent walking around Tokyo with M-Girl. I got to visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and once again see the views of Tokyo that a 45 stories grants. We visited the north and south towers and I took a ton of photos and videos. After that, I followed M-Girl around to a few stores and then it was time for me to gather my things from her and Yamamoto's place and head out to meet Anonymous.

Yes, I was able to meet Anonymous, a regular poster from my blog for a few years ago. He's really helped me out by correcting my terrible Japanese over the years so I was very glad to actually meet him. He brought along a very kind lady (who looks a lot younger than she is) and we went to a sushi restaurant at which I was treated to more delicious sushi than I've probably ever eaten in my life. It was quite fun chatting with them, though I wish my Japanese had been a bit less rusty. After dinner, they helped me get on the right Shinkansen (Tokyo Station is quite the maze) and then I was off to my old stomping grounds, Okazaki. (Thank you, Anonymous and H-san!)

I was extremely tired after a ton of walking (including carrying around my huge bag) and the two-plus-hour ride, so I checked into my hotel and was out like a light.

On Day 4, which was yesterday, I turned on the TV in my room to find an episode of what Americans call Dragonball Z on TV. (It was apparently the first episode in which Vegita turned Super Saiyan.)

After breakfast, I scrambled to Okazaki Station and boarded a train to Kanayama Station in Nagoya. I was joined on the way by a old acquaintance from my Yamasa days. At Kanayama, we boarded a train to Inuyama to visit Meiji Mura, a theme park-like museum that contains many historical buildings (such as houses, schools, churches) collected from around the country.

Depending on your personality, this might sound terribly boring, but it was actually surprisingly interesting being able to enter these places and see them in, essentially, their original glory. And the experience was helped by the overcast weather (which apparently kept a lot of people away, according to my friend), and its location, which is much deeper in the mountains than I'd known. The views were lovely. (I actually had a mountain looming over me, which felt really neat.) After a lot of walking, we both got pretty winded but we had a great time hanging out together.

When I got back to my room, I turned on the TV to find Sazae-san on (!). It's just not quite Sunday night in Japan for me without seeing the Isono family, I guess.

After that, I conked out.

So overall, things have been going well. I'm having a couple of unfortunate scheduling issues, but hopefully things will work out on that front soon. I'm finding that I wish my mother had come with me again, as she was perhaps the perfect person to explore this place with. Maybe we can do a week again next year.


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Misa said...

Hi Jon! Sounds like your trip so far is going nicely. I would be lost in Tokyo station...

Don't forget to share your photos when you get a chance!

Anonymous said...

Hello, you don't know me but I've been following your blog for a while. Your blog actually inspired me to start my own while studying here in Okazaki. I just decided to write on your blog, because I literally saw you walking down the street about 2 hours ago. LOL I was the guy with the backpack and green shirt if you saw me. Anyway, enjoy your time in Japan!

Brian said...

Thanks for keeping us all updated on your adventures in Japan. If, you ever get a chance to come up north let me know and maybe we can meet in person. But, then again, I really need to return to Houston one of these days.