Japan 2010: Day 2

Yesterday, was a day exploring Tokyo. The first thing I did was visit the local supermarket and be amazed how inexpensive the bottle tea is here compared to the imported stuff in Houston. I ate breakfast with Yamamoto and M-Girl and then headed out on a bike with Yamamoto. We stopped by the ward office, a go center (just watched for a bit), and went to Akihabara. The crowning stop there was a store named Super Potato which had lots of older game systems for sale and for playing. (I finally got to play a Virtual Boy. It was a pretty neat Wario game. I've gotta say, I enjoyed it. I also played a PC Engine for the first time (a Bomberman title) and a sit-down arcade version of Vs. Super Mario Bros for the first time at least 15 years. For only 100 yen, at that.) We stopped by Yodobashi-Akiba, a huge electronics store too, though we didn't look around much since I'd been before. It was fun. Japan is starting to feel more familiar again. Nighttime Tokyo is pretty neat, as I recalled it being.

In the evening, Yamamoto, M-Girl, and I met with our old classmate, Shuu. We went to a pretty fancy restaurant and ate a lot of yakiniku and had a little to drink. After that, while unsuccessfully deciding whether to do a little bit of karaoke or bowling, we stopped at a game center and played this pretty fun party game called, I think, Bishi-Bashi, in which I sadly underperformed. Lastly, we visited this Arabian-themed restaurant for a few more light drinks and chatted around some more for a while before heading back. Fun times.

All in all, very fun. This evening, I meet a mystery person and I then I'm off to Okazaki.

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Elddonnemar said...

Sounds like day 1 of fun time is a success. :3 Take care while you're out there man.