Japan 2010: Day 1

(Local time: 12:30a)

Made it! I'm back, baby.

The two planes rides over were not really so bad. That 12-hour one is just long, is all. At least my knees didn't hurt this time.

I got into the country without any issue, hopped on the Keisei line train to Ueno, and finally met my good friends and ex-Yamasa-mates Yamamoto and M-Girl for the first time after over two years. They look just as they did in the Yamasa days. We ate together at a restaurant (noodles—surprisingly, more than I could finish!) and retired to their new place (I'm the first to visit!). I can't believe their Tokyo neighborhood is so quiet! Seriously ... we have their patio door open right now and it's silent out there. And we're not in the boondocks, either.

Tokyo is, so far, as I remember it, keeping in mind that I've only spent four days here before, so it's not like it's a place that I'm that familiar with. The "feel" of Japanese cities was interesting to experience again. (The first song I heard upon entering a convenience store was "Moonlight Densetsu." Heh heh.)

(Note: I welcome and, as usual, will read all comments but likely won't have the time to reply to them. Thanks for understanding.)


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I am looking forward to your nice photos taken in this trip.