Substitute sensei

We had a substitute sensei in my intermediate Japanese class yesterday. Everything about her from her teaching style to her way of speaking and even her appearance greatly reminded me of the sensei at Yamasa. It placed me in this very weird position in which, throughout class, I felt like I was sitting in some sort of Bizarro Yamasa class, experiencing this unusual amalgam of delight and withdrawal.*

After class, I was able to speak with her a bit, though not quite one-on-one like I'd wanted. I have to say that I like her a lot and I'm looking forward to her future appearances in our class (as she will be assisting our main sensei sometimes). I think she would make a great primary sensei at Yamasa, which, in my eyes, is about the highest praise that I can confer on a Japanese instructor.

* Now there's a good motto for Yamasa: "When you're done, you'll experience symptoms of withdrawal!"


Anonymous said...




・ 彼は父親の面影を髣髴とさせる
He bears a close resemblance to his father.


・ 少年時代が髣髴として思い出された
I had vivid recollections of my boyhood.

・ 昔日を髣髴させる
It reminds me of the old days.


・ 夢に見る母の容貌は髣髴として定めがたい
In my dreams my mother's features appear only dimly.


Jonathan said...


Brian said...

Wow Jonathan,

It sounds like Yamasa was; time, effort, and money well spent! Also, I wonder where the substitute Sensei acquired her pedagogical methods?

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Sorry, about the above deleted post! I doubled post some how? So, I deleted it, and now I am ironically double posting again to explain.

Jonathan said...

Normally, I just quietly delete duplicate comments, but this is too amusing to remove. :-)

And, yeah, Yamasa wasn't perfect, but I feel it was great. Money totally well spent.

Helen said...

dont quite understand the meaning of the motto......so are we taking something back from what we have done?

It's great to know that u found a nice sensei! My JP drama and movie lessons just ended last week, my sensei is as good as those in Yamasa

Jonathan said...


"When you're done, you'll experience symptoms of withdrawal!"を和訳すると、「YAMASAは出たら禁断症状が出るほどのいい学校である」に当たるよ。つまり、タバコとアルコールの例えなんだ。わかった?

A good sensei really makes all the difference, doesn't it?

bikenglish said...

"experience symptoms of withdrawal"は禁断症状が出る(を経験する)という意味なんですね。確かに、私が愛用しているLongman Ditionary of American English でも、withdrawalは、"the pain, bad feelings etc. that someone suffers when s/he stop regularly taking a drug "と解説されていました。