Sex and Japan

An interesting piece I found on Mainichi, which certainly helps to explain the country's low birth rate:

One in three married Japanese couples is apparently "sexless," a startling proportion said to be swelling by the year. However, it's not just the marriage bed that's gone cold. Many young couples, too, are foregoing quality time between the sheets even before tying the knot. And while sex may be the most private part of our private lives, it's time to ask where the love has gone.




Brian said...

This article doesn't indicate how many people in Japan were surveyed, what area, and what type were contacted.Yet, it concludes this is the case for much of the population of Japan.

I have heard(read) claims very similar to the ones this present article has formulated and the writer may be on to something on the other hand I have to wonder.

What is supported by the facts is that the population of these island has, and is decreasing.

Anonymous said...

Its true i married one man from Japan he just does not want sex, he works alot but he see nothing wrong with watching others have sex , but not himself