Changes in Immigration Law

David Chart relates some notable changes in Japanese immigration law that will interest some of you.


Brian said...

Great link Jonathan.

This guy(David) basically hits most the points of the new law people have talked up, and debated about here in Japan.

However, at first the law was going to require all present their nation insurance and pension proof to immigration when renewing their visa or/identification cards, but it looks like they have dropped that requirement.

I find that to be a little disappointing, had they kept the requirement business that hire foreign staff would have been finally compelled to follow the law.

Many companies now allow their non-Japanese staff to work on 29.5 official hours a week to avoid paying pension and health insurance required by the law for those working 30 hours a week.

Jonathan said...

Thanks for the extra information, Brian. I hope I don't get trapped in the 29.5-hour trap. While I'd be fine working 30 hours, I would need my health insurance.