Dir en Grey in Houston

Apparently, Dir en Grey performed in Houston last night. That might have been an interesting outing. Not sure I'd want to join the type of crowd likely to be such an event, but had I known about this, perhaps I'd have checked it out. Apparently groups named Shonen Knife and MELT-BANANA will be in Houston later this month. Houston sure is popular with Japanese bands this month. When are Toshinobu Kubota, MISIA, or Kohmi Hirose coming out this way? Or how about some 歌謡曲 singers? Yeah, likely.

That's okay—I got to see Hyde in while in Nara with Mikawa Ossan back in 2006. Yeah. (Wow. I remember when my life was interesting enough that I could write posts that long about what I did that day.) By the way, Mikawa Ossan is alive and well and back in the U.S. Sure do miss hanging out with him. Those, truly, were the days, I'll tell ya what.

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