山本 said...

Interesting. I just watched this trailer yesterday. I can't remember where I found out about it though. I guess we probably found out about it from the same place.

Jonathan said...

I found it at Japan Probe.
Did the movie look interesting to you?

Helen said...

this will be broadcasted this Sun as one of the movies in the Asia Film Festival here

The organizer grouped this with other short movies into one but i am not interested in all the 4 so i did not buy the ticket.

i watched 2 JP movies directed by Sion Sono in this festival (actually i didnt know this director until this year). One is calledちゃんと伝える and that may catch your attention, coz the background of the story is a country side in toyohashi (very beautiful scenery.)

Jonathan said...

Thanks for the pointer. I'll check it out if and when I get a chance. A movie set in Toyohashi's countryside should, at the least, be great to look at.