Jammin' on the way home

An unexpected side effect of being able to listen to my iPod Classic in my car is that I'm listening to music a bit less outside of the car. That's partly because listening in my car is really enjoyable. My sound system isn't fantastic but it's quite good, I think. I don't even mind traffic jams anymore! :-p

Anyway, my ride home today was quite enjoyable thanks to the songs that popped up on shuffle. For no real reason, here's what I listened to on the way home:

かわいいひと by ウルフルズ
ラーメン大好き小池さんの唄 by シャ乱Q
"I Found You" by Samantha James ft Celso Fonseca
"All Night Long (All Night)" by Lionel Richie
"In Step" by Girl Talk

I linked to the videos (what the heck, シャ乱Q?), but these are all no less three times as good in my car, I assure you. It's a vehicular world of soothing aural inundation the likes of which you have never experienced!

So, I'm in the midst of some serious studying right now and will be for the next week. It's clutch time!



Helen said...

i do not own a car but i guess i can understand how you feel~ well, what you wrote reminded me the time when i was cycling and listening to my MP3 at the same time~

Study ~ ganbatte

Jonathan said...

Oh yeah, biking and listening to music is great too. Not so much here, but it was great in Okazaki.

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