Miyuki Hatoyama

So, according to MSNBC, it seems that Japan's next First Lady (if you will), Miyuki Hatoyama, claims her soul has visited a very green Venus in a triangular UFO, met Tom Cruise in a former life, and "eats" the Sun.

Well ... okay then. She earns points for being in Takarazuka Revue, though.

It looks like she'll bring some interestingness to the political table in Japan.

Update: The BBC has a brief profile written about Miyuki Hatoyama. I think she sounds kind of interesting, myself.


Anonymous said...

The next PM is an alien whose wife visited Venus.
Should I be happy or should I be sorry?・・・ I don't know.

BTW, Rumor has it that she is a member of scientology.

Jonathan said...

Somehow, that wouldn't surprise me. We'll have to wait and see how things progress.