4649!っていうかさあ | Yoroshiku! Or not.

職場の同僚に初めて会った時に、思わず「宜しくお願いします」を言い出しそうになった僕である。それが丁寧さをやや欠いた言い方なのを別にして「よろしく」という思いは英語で自然によく表現できないので、「よろしく」の代わりに「I look forward to working with you」(一緒に仕事をするのを楽しみにしている)を言うことにした。日本語が話したくても通じる訳のない時には、心の奥がほんの少し痛んでしまうのだ。とにかく、二日目も良かったよ。仕事は順調!

When I met everyone at my job, I kept wanting to say "yoroshiku onegai shimasu" to them. Along with not being polite enough, they, of course, do not speak Japanese. So I settled for just telling everyone that I was looking forward to working with them. Which just isn't the same. But yoroshiku doesn't translate very well, from what I've seen.


曲芸師 | Acrobats

This video of two Japanese acrobats was supposedly shot in 1904 by Thomas Edison (according to Japan Probe). I found their act pretty impressive.

二人の日本人の曲芸師のパフォーマンスが映っているこのビデオは、Japan Probeによればエジソンに映したそうだ。二人は本当にお上手だと思う。





就職報告 | Got a job

やっと就職できた!本日の午後に、二回目のインタビューに誘われ、最初に会った男と会ったことのない男と一人ずつ面接した。僕は、今日初めて会った男に「impressive」(目覚しい)と褒めてもらったりしたので、良い印象を与えられたかな、と思いながら車に乗って帰ろうとした。ところが、「24時間以内に決定を通知する」と約束されたのに、十分弱なんてに(帰る途中に)電話が鳴り、「You're in」(入社させる)と最初に会った男に言われた。それで、就職の決まり。最初の働く日は・・・明日。





So, basically, I got a job. It's a 30-hour-a-week gig that I intend to work at throughout school. I got the "You're in" call just as I was getting on the freeway heading back home. My first day is tomorrow, so here's hoping for the best.


iPod on shuffle

I've gotten into the habit of putting my iPod on shuffle with the result that I'm listening to many of my 6,000 tracks of audio that I rarely hear or, in some cases, have never heard. I've been listening to my iPod throughout the evening while working with Debian and, frankly, I've been quite pleased with what I've been listening to. I really like my taste in music. (Heh heh.) I have a bunch of Japanese education tracks too, so during the music, I get some Japanese listening practice too.


I installed Debian (a Linux distribution) on my laptop a couple of weeks ago with the goal of getting to know how Linux works and how to administer it. I installed Ubuntu (another, very popular, distribution) a couple of times in the past, but back then, I was trying it out out of curiosity and as even a possible replacement (or at least complement) for my Windows XP installation and I eventually uninstalled each time. However, I'm keeping Debian, which is a distribution more geared for serious study (I suppose you can say), to get some much-needed practice and experience with Linux. I'm still new to Linux and I have a lot to learn (and I get incredibly frustrated at times when I can't get things working); but it is interesting and kind of fun. Plus, it's something that I need to do to stay ahead of the curve for my upcoming MIS studies at school. I've also found someone to tutor me a bit in Linux networking for a couple of months, which helps—a sort of internship, you could say. That's nice.


二箱目がやっと到着! | Box two finally arrives!


でも、残念なことに、一箱目の問題で何が無くなったのかは明らかになった。いただいた「Flowers for Algernon」も、一冊の囲碁の本も、「忍たま乱太郎」の第一巻と第四巻も、焼いたCD-RとDVD-Rの何枚も・・・全部無くなったんだ。(というか、盗まれたと言ったほうが・・・。)中身はまるで85%くらいが岡崎から届いたようだ。さあ、15%くらいの物が無くなったのを残念でならないと思いつつ、それ以上無くなった物がなかったのがとても嬉しい。


My second box from Okazaki arrived today. Fortunately, unlike the first one, this one arrived in perfect condition (outside of some broken CD jewel cases). Also, I now pretty much know what I'm missing from the other box: a bilingual copy of Flowers for Algernon (a gift from Bikenglish), one of my go books, two of my Nintama Rantarou volumes, and most of my CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. I lost about 15% of my stuff but, unpleasant as it is, it could have been much worse. This also marks the complete end of my move from Okazaki ...



50,000ヒットも | 50,000 hits


I've surpassed 50,000 hits on this blog! Thanks for your support over the two-plus years, folks. (Though I ain't done yet!)

m(_ _)m








Iron Man

I saw Iron Man a few nights ago with Elddonnemar and Kunan. And let me tell you: it was good. It was truly surprisingly solid. I believe it to be the best movie based on a comic book superhero that I've ever seen (or possibly ever will see). Pretty much everything in it was spot on. Well done. Here's a sequel (coming in 2010) that I'm looking forward to.

この間、KunanとElddonnemarと一緒に『Iron Man』という映画を見に行った。Iron Manというのは、パワードアーマーを着けて悪の勢力を打ち負かす、アメリカの漫画のスーパーヒーローの一人。僕は子供時代にそういう漫画(主に『X-Men』)を読んでいたものだけど、『Iron Man』は少ししか読んだことがない。っていっても、最近の映画はすごくいいよ。最初のシーンから最後のシーンまで引き続けておく映画だと思う。普段、こういうスーパーヒーロー映画はこんなに面白くないけど、今回は映画化大成功だぞ。見るが良い!

"One, two, THREE, four, five, SIX!!!"? Really?

For the last few months comedian Atsumu Watanabe, who is known by the stage name Sekai No Nabeatsu, has been getting a lot of air time on Japanese TV. Almost all of his performances have relied on his ability to act wacky while counting.—via Japan Probe

Out of masochistic curiosity, I watched parts of a couple of the videos posted at Japan Probe and was pretty disgusted with the sheer stupidity of his act and the popularity of it. Seriously, as much of a one-trick pony as he is (or, apparently, was, from what I've heard), Yoshio Kojima is five times better than this guy. Kojima's act was stupid, yeah, but in a much more entertaining and generally less insulting way. This is just way too ludicrous.


A Different World

Tonight I saw a couple of enjoyable first-season episodes of A Different World. I'm talking about the days when Denise and Walter (Sinbad) were around. It really took me back, including making me recall my childhood crush on Denise Huxtable. :-P



ギャグマンガ日和 | Gyagu Manga Biyori


Gyagu Manga Biyori has recently been subtitled, and I'd recommend that those of you who like this sort of thing check it out. It's certainly interesting. I bring you proof, in the form of the video below.

ララララ ララララァ~~♪
ララララ ララララァ~~♪









Translation challenge

Japanese: 手塚さんが『ゼルダ』のタイトルに関わったのはすごく久しぶりですし、岩田さんから何を訊かれても僕は黙って、隣に座っていればいいかなあって思って来たんですが(笑)。

English: Until now, it had been a long time since Mr. Tezuka has had anything to do with Zelda, and I thought it would just be better if he were here too, since I might not be able to answer all of your questions. (laughs)

I take issue with this translation and posit that the speaker is actually saying something closer to this: "It has been a long time since Mr. Tezuka has had anything to do with Zelda, and I thought that if he'd be here, maybe I could [or, it'd be nice if I could] just sit beside him quietly and let him handle all of your questions."

The point that I'm making here is that I believe that there is no "might not be able to answer" in the speaker's original Japanese comments and I don't find sufficient cause to add it. So am I wrong or right? Opinions? I'm just curious.

Another, more factual, error was just pointed out to me: the English version says that The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time was "the first 3D game for Nintendo 64" whereas the Japanese article makes it quite clear that it was the Zelda series' first 3D game.








Daiso, the ubiquitous 100-yen stores in Japan, have landed in America in California and Washington. They look much more Americanized and, man, I want to visit one and see what they're like. I can say this: the dollar stores here absolutely pale in comparison to the Daisos I've visited in Japan. The two times that I've been to Dollar Tree here in Houston, the cashier (a different person each time) was on the phone talking loudly with friends the entire time, and Family Dollar is just kind of ... nasty (though they have one cheerful, helpful worker). So, yeah, I do miss Daiso.

一箱目が届いたが | My first box arrived, but ...


My first box (of two) from Okazaki arrived today and in terrible condition. It seems that it ripped on the way here and my stuff took quite a beating. (Some things might even be missing, but I'll determine that for sure once the second box gets here.) Needless to say, I'm pretty displeased with this and will avoid shipping by sea again if I can, especially depending on the condition of my second box (which contains my camera).


Elddonnemarの美術個展 | The art of Elddonnemar

Image © 2008 Elddonnemar右に見える絵は親友のElddonnemarが描いたものだ。めちゃうまいじゃない?プロ級だゾ、こりゃ!(もう何年も描いてからさ。)冷静な表情だからか、この絵は「Smile」というって。他にElddonnemarが描いた絵がDeviantArtというサイトにアップされているので、ぜひ見てみてください(彼女はより上手かもしれないね!〈笑〉)

The picture to the right, entitled "Smile," was drawn by Elddonnemar, one of my best friends. She's been drawing for many years now and I think it really shows. She recently completed this image and so I thought that I'd throw it up to share. Elddonnemar has other images uploaded to DeviantArt as well, so be sure to check them out and feel free to comment too. (Man, she might be better than me.)




Wireless network

Today, I set up a wireless network here at my parents' place. It was my first time doing this. Certainly not a big task, but was a nice little coming-of-age exercise. I ran into a bit of trouble with the encryption (trying for WPA2 when my computer can only handle WEP) but other than that, it was a very smooth and educational experience that makes me excited about my future IT-related studies.