The penultimate day of class draws to an end

Tomorrow is my last day of class here at Yamasa. Man, talk about mixed feelings. Anyway, I'm in the midst of some serious packing over here.



Tahhy said...

結局、最後に会えそうもないですね。(残念・・・) Packing、頑張って終えて下さい。

Brian said...

It must have been expensive, but I am glad to know of an American, a fellow brother, and a Houstionian at that, that has been able to enter and thrive in a Japanese language school for over 2 years. Way to go! Now, you need to start thinking of what you're going to go with the great skills and experiances you have gain lest you forget or lose them. Japanese is your passion so I am sure you will keep up with it even if you are not using it professionally.

keto said...


Kellie said...

Good luck with the packing! I'm sad I didn't get the chance to speak to you and say goodbye. I'll have to pick your brain over the internet once the big move is over.

I hope everything is as painless as possible for you. Congratulations on completing the full 2 years at Yamasa. That's very very cool indeed.

Jonathan said...



Thanks for the comments, folks. It's really a bittersweet thing coming back, I have to say. Two years studying and learning Japanese and about Japan and its people. Indeed, I need to figure out how to incorporate what I've learned into my life here.

Thanks! どうも!