Continuing my studies

This is a post that sat incomplete in my post queue for a while. I'm throwing it up as is, for the heck of it. (5/19)

Now that I have returned to America, it's time to take action to ensure not only that my Japanese will not get weaker but to find ways to increase my ability as well. I intend to continue watching dramas, to chat with friends online, to make some Japanese-speaking contacts here, and hopefully end up with a job in which I can use my Japanese; but in the end, I need a summon the willpower for a long-term study plan.

I like the regimen that self-taught Japanese whiz Khatzumoto recommends—that of watching the news, which is something that I definitely need practice on. (The transcripts at the video news site that he recommends are quite useful.) Additionally, I believe it time to reconsider using SRS software—Anki, in particular. I tried Anki once before, but failed to keep up with it (in part, because I think I overloaded it with far too many words too fast, making an unpleasant load to review everyday).

* "Study plan! Lisa needs braces. Study plan! Lisa needs braces. Study plan!

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