Brawlin' with Kunan

Today, I got online and heard from Elddonnemar that they were in the midst of obtaining Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Thus, I raced to my Wii-owning, Brawl-holdin' friend's place in order that we could test the online capabilities—primarily, whether the Japanese version of the game could interface with the English version.

The good news is that, yes, we could indeed connect and we successfully played a match. (This highly moves me in the "buy a Japanese Wii instead of an American one" camp. I want to check Mario Kart out too, though.) But the bad news is that the connection was horrendous. Very barely playable. As Kunan said, we spent more time looking at a still screen than actually playing. It was really that bad, so we quit after one game.

The Internet connections on both sides are quite solid, but my American friends apparently had trouble logging on the Brawl online service from the get-go (I didn't and never have), so it seems likely that the sudden influx of online users from the West is dragging things down, though the distance between Okazaki and Houston of course has some effect as well. One can only assume that things will clear up online after some time.

Still, we played our first match. And choppy as it was, it felt good.

Match details: My Luigi versus his Ike on Pictochat.

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