Fundamentals of go and Japanese

So today was a pretty nice day for me. Nothing to special happened, I suppose. Brian Yamamoto showed up at school during lunch briefly while Lee and I played the first part of a two-part game of go on the paper board that I created and printed. (The board is pictured in a recent Japanese post. The text basically reads "mobile 9x9 go board: big papa style" (best translation of "otou-sama" ever!).) That match continued after class, when Lee's white managed to break my winning streak by crushing my black by creating two living groups (which is the recommended—or rather, perhaps necessary—method for white to win 9x9 games since black plays first and can generally pretty easily split the board.)

We're going over some very fundamental grammar with Yamaguchi-sensei in a series of classes. This series, roughly entitled "Do? Did?", kind of got on my nerves at first because it was covering some seriously basic stuff, but as it's progressed, we've begun discussing some pretty fine details that I've always been vague on and it's become pretty useful. The classes are quite easily the most technical that I've had since coming to Yamasa, which I simultaneously enjoy (the old English enthusiast in me, there) and don't care for (since I generally intuitively understand the majority of what's being presented, the technical details, while interesting, seem only to serve to needlessly complicate things for me and possibly undermine my previously existing understanding, so I try not to pay too much attention to them). All in all, I'm enjoying these classes. I like Yamaguchi-sensei. She's a newcomer to the school this term and I kind of see her as a powerhouse.

Tomorrow is Lee and Ling's final radio show and, after that, there's a goodbye party at the station for Ling and Yo, who are soon returning to Taiwan. And Saturday, it looks like I've been invited to a concert and to karaoke as well. Should be fun.

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