One more thing ... dictionary woes

I can't find my paperback Random House Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary. I'm quite perturbed by this development and haven't the foggiest idea where it might have disappeared to. Even though it's begun falling apart, that thing's my buddy, man. I brought it from America and it was probably the first Japanese-related purchase that I ever made. Alas.

But all is not lost, for, you see, several weeks ago, I began doing a language-exchange thing with a kindly lady that I know here and her adult daughter. At the first or second such meetings, I was told that I could borrow this:

Image © 2006 Jonathan's Japan Journal

... for the duration of my stay in Japan. Giggity! I've been wanting an electronic dictionary for a while now, and though this one's a bit old, it's been serving me pretty well for the past few weeks. However, for me, it's only useful for its Japanese-to-English capabilities. In English-to-Japanese mode, the explanations have too much kanji and not enough furigana (kanji readings). For those times, I turn to my paperback dictionary.

Or, at least I did until a week or two ago. Where'd you go, baby?


Mikawa Ossan said...

That electronic dictionary is simply awesome! It may be about 7 years old or so, but it's everything you could really ask for. It's the exact same one that I use, and I've had a heck of a time finding an adequate replacement. Enjoy it while it lasts!!!

Jonathan said...

Well, if it comes so highly recommended by the Mikawa Ossan himself, I can scarcely look down upon it, eh?

Matthew said...

The Kanji Dictionary for the Nintendo DS is absolutely amazing. I would recommend it very highly.

Jonathan said...

I mainly want the Kanji Kentei practice software. Bad. Still.