All play and no school makes Jon something something

I just returned from some pleasant Japanese study at McDonald's and I'm in a pretty good mood. I didn't feel so great yesterday but I've been feeling better throughout the day today. Thank goodness. I've been going positively stir-crazy over here.


UPDATE 1: I learned the other day that, here in Japan, people watch TV with the lights on because they feel that watching TV with them off is bad for the eyes. I didn't explicitly know that, but yet, I've seen enough anime that cautions viewers to do just that, so it makes sense. It probably is bad to sit in a dark room watching that stuff, but I don't know.

UPDATE 2: I'm fairly fond of this graph and think the site as a whole is an amusing, if not repetitive, exercise.


Mikawa Ossan said...

Another reason for watching TV with the lights on is that several years back there was a highly publicized problem of children watching anime with lots of flashing lights suddenly going into convulsions. Kind of scary, if you ask me!

Jonathan said...

Actually, the rumors of that spread to America several years back and it was largely associated with one specific episode of Pokémon, as I recall. The offending scene was apparently cut.

epigene said...

In the pre-Pokemon days (for as long ago as I can remember), we were told by opthamologists that watching TV in the dark is bad for your eyes. This applies to the old CRT tube.

I've been told that this does not hold true for the latest thin panel types.