Typhoon time and Hada-sensei's bag-grabbing spree

Well, I made it through the day. I didn't stay after class to study today because I needed to come home to eat. I didn't feel quite right for much of the day, so if I was acting stupid today (if can distinctly recall two instances of me acting like a moron—and they both involve the same person, at that), that's why.

It seems that there is a typhoon on its way. It will arrive tonight, I'm told, and according to the weather forecast, I'll probably be seeing a lot of rain. If I die over the next 24 hours or so, that'll probably be why. Just an FYI.

So apparently, a large number of student are heading to Nagoya on Tuesday (perhaps) to play around and enjoy the Obon holiday, which I totally forgot about. I think I'll go. I'm worried about the cost but I think I can swing one day of inexpensive enjoyment with my schoolmates. Perhaps. Or ... oh, I don't know.

If you haven't read it, check out "So You Want to Learn Japanese," which has been reposted at Yukiko and Brian's website.

I was going to try to upload some photos but Blogger's not acting right. Let's try Flickr.

This is Hada-sensei taking everyone's bags. Now you might ask, "Just why the heck is your sensei taking everyone's bags?" And that would be a good question. The answer is a bit banal, though, I'm afraid: It was preparation for an exercise in which we were to go down to the sensei's office and ask a sensei (in my case, Oyaizu-sensei) to locate our bag. You see, bags had been scattered around the office and we had to describe the bags to the sensei. It was quite interesting. (At least I didn't have a gun this time.) That orange-and-black backpack (日本語で、リュック) that she's rolling is mine. Yeah, I'm just that hardcore.



YukikoandBrian said...

thanks for the referral! I am sorry, I did not see you had put up a link to my blog sooner. Thank you so much and sorry for being late to see this.

Jonathan said...

Oh, no thanks or apologies are at all necessary. But thanks.