You know, everytime I've used Yahoo!'s Weather Channel Okazaki forecast, it's been wrong. I stopped checking the weather a while back because of this. But I think Asahi newspaper's weather forecast will be a far better.

Whatever the case, no typhoon here, apparently. I'm not even sure it rained here at this point. Apparently, the system turned sharply (looks like about 90 degrees) before arriving here.

I woke up feeling a bit less than genki, so I'm cooking a nice, large breakfast.





YukikoandBrian said...

I totally agree with you! Hey, this is typhoon 7, what happend to typhoons 1 through 6? I do not think I re-call hearing or reading anything about them. Ah, well I am happy that this typhoon has caused the weather to cool down a bit, it has been far too hot this summer.

Jonathan said...

Yeah, this heat is actually stronger than I expected. And I think typhoons 1 through 6 got retconned out of existence.