I botched a writing test?! | 残念な書くテスト

I misjudged my performance on yesterday's test. The listening test went well, as expected, but the writing test was rather ... disappointing: 76%. It wasn't my worst showing ever, but it was hands-down my worst writing test to date.

The worst part is that I knew the material pretty well. There were a few honest mistakes but there were more than a fair share of sloppiness on my part and questions that I found a bit confusing (and not because I didn't understand them). Next week, though, we'll get one-on-one sessions with the sensei, so I'll be able to ask questions about everything. I might even get another couple of points added to my score, if I'm fortunate.

But tests themselves aren't all-important. That's just the school's way of monitoring my progress. The most important thing is whether I understand the bloody material, and I feel that I do. A few wrinkles here and there, but yeah, I think I've got it pretty well. I'm still slow about using some of the grammar in conversation, but that'll improve with time and practice.







ヨウ said...

ジョンさん~大丈夫だよ。今度 詳しくチェックしたら ぜひ もっと いいよ!(実は 僕が二回これを習ったっだけど まだ いろいろなことを間違えた~>_<)

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