Dinner, conversation, and fireworks on a nighttime rooftop—and no date in sight

Yesterday's fireworks dinner party was quite nice. Mikawa Ossan (who was kind enough to accompany me) and I arrived at my acquaintance's house (which is walking distance from my apartment) at 7:30. About 10 people showed up and we sat on the roof of their three-story house and watched the fireworks, talked, and ate. It was quite pleasant. And I made a brother, too.

Well, my acquaintance's husband, whom I met for the first time yesterday, was a very kind man. These folks are in the fifties, mind you. We got along fetchingly and he said that I could call him "aniki" (big brother). This word can apparently also mean "one's senior," but because he said that we were "brothers" (in English), I assume the fraternal meaning, though I'm pretty sure that he meant "brother" in a more "we're all brothers" type of way. So that was our thing for the night. (It really was a lot less weird than the way it probably sounds. No, really.)

I did a fairly decent job talking with everyone in Japanese. Aniki gave me an enthusiastic "A" for the night.

The fireworks were, overall, a letdown because Seiyu blocked most of them. Dang. Ah well, I'll just have to stay another bloody year, now won't I? And next time, I think I'll double date with Mikawa Ossan. (Now taking applications.)



In other news, a number of classmates are taking the infamous JLPT this year. I thought about it myself, since passing level one is one of my overall goals. But there's no reason for me to take it, I feel. At most, I could complete JLPT level three and I don't know of any value that attaining that has, especially considering whatever expense is involved. When I can handle level two, which I certainly expect to be able to do in the next year, I'll take it.

Today I spent the day watching Transformers: The Movie (for the first time, I'm ashamed to say) and, this evening, practicing kanji. I owe a friend some e-mails too.

And today's "Ooh, That's So Wrong" is ... Why Kanji are Fun.

Regarding the dinner party, there was one more interesting person that night. I didn't mention him here because I was waiting for Mikawa Ossan's post about him. There's nothing much to add, so just check out Mikawa Ossan's thoughts.


YukikoandBrian said...

Transformers the movie, I haven't seen that in since 1986 that was neat movie with an interesting sound track, that you can still get on amazon.co.jp. If you are in Japan and you are you do not even need a cerdit card you can pay by c.o.d on the amazon! Oh, I heard that someone was thinking of making a live action transformers movie.

Jonathan said...

I like '80s music in general, but geez, in every scene, it seemed, another generic 1980's singer would start up again. It got very old. I wish there had been more instrumentals, as those were okay.

As for the new CGI movie, yup, a teaser trailer's already been released.

Penny4em said...

Hi there. I've been following your blog for ages and I just had to say I'm loving it. I'm applying to come to Yamasa in April next year so it's really helpful to get such detailed feedback on the place and the lessons. Keep it up please!

Jonathan said...

Thank you for checking me out, there. (Hmm. That came out a bit wrong, didn't it?) From what I hear, it's not really as hard to get here as the school says it is, so I think that there's a very high chance that you'll be accepted. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to wait until March to find out.

Keep on readin'!