The Daihatsu NAKED and its heretofore unseen sibling

There's actually a model of vehicle here in Japan named the Daihatsu NAKED. While thinking about this today (now that I have a camera, I very much want a picture of a NAKED, but of course, they've all disappeared, leaving me to search for other sorts of nudity to photograph), I realized that the NAKED really has a built-in ad campaign:

Brilliant. Who wouldn't want to buy one of these with a campaign like this? It appeals on so many levels! I mean, I've always sought to combine my passions for operating vehicles and shedding my clothes, right? This is that chance. Maybe we can convince Daihatsu to tint the windows really dark so that you can drive naked. (Exit the car at your own risk, though.)

But why stop there? Why not go one step further and create a companion model for the NAKED? Get the whole set:

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ajf said...

Since being here I've seen a HARDON, as well as a BIGHORN (er, I mean cars named as such). The mind boggles as to what goes on in Japanese marketing brainstorms...