Acceptance to Yamasa! Student visa to be issued

It's official: I'm moving to Japan on April 2, barring some terrible turn of events. I just received word by e-mail that Japan's Immigration Bureau will issue a student visa to me. Oddly, I feel more anxious about things than expected. I think that's because I still have significant monetary concerns. (I can get there, but I'll be living poor for a while, I think.) Still, it's a relief to have some certainty in all of this. I can't properly express the personal importance of the success of this venture.

And for my Japanese-speaking friends: やった!皆さん、オフィシャルなことです!四月から二年ほど日本に住みます。ちょっとナーバスです。僕は日本にはしばしお金がありません。仕事は必要で す。しかし、僕の日本語はあの時からいいになりますね。すばらしい日です!